Fabrics & Clothing Care


Fabric can be described as different types of material naturally or artificially created to make a “Saree,Salwar kameez,Lehenga choli”. These materials are dyed to obtain vibrant colors. There are various types of fabrics available in market. Each fabric is unique in its own way, below are descriptions of the types of fabrics most commonly used to create :


Clothing Care:-

All silks and hand embroidered outfits need to be preserved in a correct manner to ensure that the outfit you order stays in the best condition for a long time.

Any embroidery exposed to moisture, perfume or any other element that contains alcohol will blacken the embroidery immediately. It is therefore advisable to keep all embroidered outfits wrapped in muslin cloth.

If you notice any loose thread on the fabric or on the embroidery DO NOT try to pull it out. Simply use scissors to cut it off neatly. Embroidered outfits are best maintained if kept in a hanging position. All outfits ordered from Asiana Fashion must be dry-cleaned. Do not ever try to wash it at home as this will definitely damage your outfits permanently.

Stained silk sarees should be dry-cleaned as soon as possible. Dyes and sizings tend to discolour with moisture. Therefore attempting to remove stains with water is not recommended without first testing the silk for colour fastness. It is difficult to remove a concentrated food or beverage stain. Scrubbing or pressing could ruin the fabric.

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